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Picture the Caribbean Experience


Four Jamaican Canadian Students Can Spend a Month In Jamaica

.Jamaica Birthright Programme extends application deadlineBy Stephen Weir  As seen in the Caribbean Camera newspaper
Jamaican Canadian university students who have not lived in Jamaica can still apply for this summer’s Jamaican Birthright Programme.  Birthright, which includes round trip transportation, accommodation, a stipend and a summer internship in Jamaica is designed to reconnect second or third generation Jamaicans to their cultural roots.
“Students should note that the deadline to apply has been extended to December 6th” explained Petronilla Marchan, one of the Toronto organizers of the programme funded by the GraceKennedy Foundation.
“GraceKennedy will host four Canadian university students for a one month Internship this summer” she said. “Candidates must be  second or third generation Jamaicans who have never lived in Jamaica for  more than a period exceeding six months.” The Programme is a cultural and professional internship geared at highlighting all aspects of Jamaican life…

Canada’s Walk of Fame Present Stars To The Stars

Six More Canadians Are About To Be Walked Upon
By Stephen Weir As seen in the Caribbean Camera
There was a special ceremony staged last week to honour the new inductees of Canada’s Walk of Fame.Two of the six honoured at Wednesday’s Gala at the Liberty Grand ballroom in Toronto are well known to Caribbean Camera readers -Olympic runner Donovan Bailey and civil rights activist, the late Viola Desmond. Jamaican Canadian Donovan Bailey is a legendary sprinter. He is a two-time Olympic champion in the 100-metre and 4x100-metre relay, three-time world record holder and three-time world champion. The presentation of Mr. Bailey’s Walk of Fame Star (which will be cemented into a downtown sidewalk) was a show stopper because of who was making the formal presentation. Mateus Bailey, Donovan’s 11-year-old son came to the podium to announce his father amidst wild applause from the packed room. Viola Irene Desmond was a Nova Scotian businesswoman who challenged racial segregation at a film theatre in Ne…

House of Commons Posts An Emancipation E-Petition

Toronto’s Rosemary Sadlier asks Canadians to sign-up and make August 1st National Emancipation Day
By Stephen Weir
Rosemary Sadlier, the former president of the Ontario Black History Society, is using the internet to reach Canadians wanting to see the Federal Government declare August 1st as Emancipation Day across the Dominion.She is strongly supporting both on-line and in person, this new petition that will, upon completion on February 15, 2018 be presented to the House of Commons in Ottawa.
The House of Commons E-Petition 1289—was initiated by Montreal’s David Haisell on October 15th. He is the Communications Director of the Canadian branch of The Royal Commonwealth Society.The petition has the support of the Liberal party, it is sponsored by Toronto Liberal MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith(Beaches-East York). The petition cites the fact that Canada has been a leader in the fight for human rights since the Act Against Slavery was passed in 1793 by the British parliament. “We, the undersigned…

Tier One Ganja Cultivator Licence

Story Has Impact Here in Canada.    

By Stephen Weir - Caribbean Camera
On Friday morning Timeless Herbal Care Ltd held a press conference in Kingston, Jamaica to announce that it has recently received its license to grow and harvest medical marijuana in Jamaica.Timeless Herbal Care is a Jamaican company run by Toronto lawyer Courtney Betty.Former Ontario premier Ernie Eves is on the company’s board. Timeless Herbal Care(THC) has received a Tier One Ganja Cultivator Licence from a new agency of Jamaica’s Ministry of Industry Commerce Agriculture and Fisheries, in New Kingston.THC is one of the first companies to be awarded a commercial licence by the Jamaican Government.

According to Timeless President Courtney Betty “This completes the cornerstone of the Green Gold Triangle with Timeless operations and partners in Jamaica, Israel and Canada.In Israel Timeless Herbal Care is partnered withBazelet one of the largest medical marijuana companies there. We also have a strong United States par…

Caribbean Hurricane Damage Didn't End At The Beach

Storms impacted the reefs and wrecks of the Caribbean
Grand Cayman's Kittiwake-smashed-by-tropical-storm photo by Jason Washington iDive Global Ltd and  Ambassador Divers

Hurricane Hell's Fury, Irma-geddon and the current nom d’jour, Hurricanes Apocalypse, are terms scuba divers use to describe what it looks like underwater in 2017’s Hurricane Alley.  This fall’s storms have devastated several states in the US and whole countries in the Caribbean. Unseen by most is the damage done underwater. The hurricanes carpet bombed coral reefs, dumped sand and debris on fish spawning grounds and pushed shipwrecks on their sides.
According to the USNational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration(NOAA) moderate hurricanes can help the underwater world, but Hurricanes Apocalypse have inflicted damage that could take a century  from which to recover.
“Small hurricanes can provide fast relief during periods of thermal stress, whereas waves from large hurricanes can red…